2 Weeks Holiday!

Monday, August 10, 2009
I am officially on 2 weeks holiday from work - my first real break for about 18 months. I changed jobs about 12 months ago, and without really thinking, went straight from one to another. So the only time I have had off is a week at Christmas, which was so super busy it hardly counts as a holiday. So on the insistence of my boss - thanks Annabelle - I have taken two weeks leave.

Everyone keeps asking me where are you going? Well easily answered - nowhere! I am going to enjoy 2 weeks at home pottering in the garden, doing some spring cleaning, spending some time with my son, visit some friends and of course - make LOTS of cards.

But first things first - I have to finish an assignment which is due tomorrow - so you guessed it - I am only really procrastinating by doing this post!!! So I'll have lots to add when I finish as I have a heap of new cards to share.

TTFN! (ta ta for now - for all those Winnie the Pooh watchers!)


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